You need a résumé: it is the document that tells employers about your qualification for a job and showcase how you could be an asset to a company.

The main parts of a résumé: your name and contact information, employment aims, education, experience, skills, achievements or interests.

There are three styles of résumés, Chronological, Functional, Combination:

A Chronological résumé shows work history by date order, listing your last job first,

A Functional résumé or skilled-based résumé highlights skills and expertise for specific jobs,

A Combination résumé shows skills and qualifications first, then your employment history.

You decide which style résumé you want to present to an employer, based on the job you are seeking and your skills to do the job.
Functional Résumé Example

Print your résumé on quality white, pastel blue or ivory coloured paper - a one page résumé is recommended.

References: ask 2 teachers for references: get their full name, telephone number and email

Interview answers: If you are applying for your first job, use the skills you learned during your Co-op placement to answer interview questions. Be honest and upbeat, show your ability to fit in as part of a team. Share positive experiences about sports, musical performance, poetry or helping classmates.
Interview Questions and Tips

Attire: wear comfortable sneakers and casual summer clothing and neutral nail polish.

Ladies: no low-cut V-neck tops, spaghetti strap top, or blouse that exposes your belly button.

Gentlemen: no identifiable logo on t-shirts, no low-cut jeans with knees or underwear exposed.

Job Search: look for department stores, supermarkets, drugstores and other businesses within 10-15 minutes travel from your home.

Walk with several résumés in a clean clear plastic pouch or folder. Go to each location, greet a staff member and hand in a résumé. If a company uses application forms, ask for 2 forms in case you make a mistake. Say thank you, take the form home, read it carefully, complete it and return it with your résumé on the same day.
Sample Supermarket Application Form

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